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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Financial Analyst

Our client is an International Company in need of a Financial Analyst in Broward County. In this role you will be responsible for assisting in the creation of the annual budget, monthly/quarterly P&L projections and preparing brand profitability structures among other duties. Requirements include 2-3 years financial analysis experience, strong knowledge of Accounting principles and a BA in Accounting or Finance. This is a great opportunity for a sharp professional interested in growth and stability.

Salary Range: $40,000 to $44,000
Email Resume to: JFarrick@kuninassociates.com

Director of Finance

Director of Finance needed for a rapidly growing Broward County Health Care Company. In this role you will be responsible for hiring, developing and leading a team of financial analysts. The ideal candidate will have 4+ years of supervisory experience with a mix of public and private accounting as well as a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Health Care industry experience and CPA is a plus. This company offers a relaxed environment with the opportunity to interact with professionals at every level, as well as plenty of room for growth.

Salary Range: $95,000 to $125,000
Email Resume to: JFarrick@kuninassociates.com

Monday, October 26, 2009

Maintenance Manager

Maintenance Manager needed for a Ft. Lauderdale Municipal construction project. This person must be able to oversee all subcontractors to ensure compliance, Quality Assurance and handle cost control initiatives.
The responsibilities will also include maintaining records of all subcontractors and vendors,
track all permit approvals, and tend to complaints raised by general public during construction process.
The ideal candidate will have at least 5 years of experience managing job sites, strong communication skills, as well as computer literacy. Must have a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering or equivalent.

Salary around $75k.
Email resume to: JFarrick@kuninassociates.com

The Lighter Side of Accounting

Did you Know?

· Former Texas Rangers Manager and CPA Kevin Kennedy did his players' tax returns to make extra money when he managed in the minor leagues.
· Track sensation Marcus O'Sullivan passed the CPA exam.
· Funny man Bob Newhart started out in accounting.
· After graduating from school, J.P. Morgan got his first Wall Street job as a junior accountant. Five years later he founded his own company.
· Ray Wersching, the ex-San Franscico 49er field goal kicker, was a CPA during the off season.
· Nearly 1,400 of the FBI's special agents are accountants.
· Ohio State University is home to the Accounting Hall of Fame which honors outstanding contributions to the profession.
· The first CPA exam was given in New York in 1896.
· Luca Paciolo wrote the first book on double entry accounting in 1494. He is frequently referred to as the father of accounting.
· John Grisham received his undergraduate degree in accounting from Mississippi State University.
· Walter Diemer was an accountant for the Fleer Corporation in the 1920's. In his spare time, Diemer tinkered with gum recipes and created a chewy, rubbery substance better known as bubble gum.
· Arthur Blank, co-founder of Home Depot and owner of the Altanta Falcons, is a CPA.
** Courtesy of the AICPA **

David Letterman's Top 10 Signs You've Hired a Bad Accountant
(A bit dated, but still enjoyable).

10. You hear him on the phone saying, "Have I ever let you down, Leona?"
9. Instead of IRS, sends your completed tax return to UPS.
8. His "short form" looks suspiciously like a cocktail napkin.
7. He lets you list your imaginary friend as dependent.
6. Lists every time you laughed at Letterman as "charitable donation".
5. Used to be some kind of financial big-shot in Orange County.
4. Announced he donated all your assets to O.J.'s defense fund.
3. On the 1040, he lists your occupation as "sucker".
2. At least five times, he says "here's a little trick I taught Darryl Strawberry."
1. He makes you wear a hospital gown.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sr Tax Manager

Our client is a National Accounting firm located in Fort Lauderdale and needs to hire a talented Senior Tax Manager. In this position you will be responsible for providing tax consulting services to clients such as tax research, tax planning and tax compliance as well as managing and developing a staff. The ideal candidate will have 8+ years of progressive accounting experience, a CPA and knowledge of FAS 109 and FIN 48. Great team building firm to work with that promotes from within and emphasizes across the board communication.

Salary Range: $100,000 to $150,000
Email Resume to: JFarrick@KuninAssociates.com

Kunin Associates and You

We're always looking to partner with adept and motivated job seekers who want to succeed. We'll provide you with tools you need to make yourself a more attractive candidate, as well as the ability to keep your resume as up-to-date as possible. Are you ready to take your profession to a new level?

Kunin Associates has many great job opportunities for qualified individuals. For finance and accounting professionals, the job market is thriving. Please take a minute and preview some of the positions we have available. If you plan on relocating out of the South Florida area we have affiliate offices across the country. Please call us so we can assist you in all of your needs. Our service is completely free for job seekers. Take the time and explore jobs that will appeal to you.

We aspire to balance both requirements and desires of our applicants and clients to facilitate a successful search assignment. We pride ourselves in building and maintaining long-term relationships.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Jr. Staff Accountant

Excellent opportunity with a Downtown Miami company looking for a Junior Staff Accountant. Candidate must have a bachelors degree in Accounting and a minimum of 1 year of experience in a professional accounting environment. Company has been growing, and offers a fantastic benefits package. Company pays for parking.

Salary range: $30,000 to $40,000
Email resume to: JFarrick@KuninAssociates.com

Monday, October 12, 2009

Assistant Controller

Assistant Controller needed for a South Florida based Health Care Company. In this role, you will be responsible for Financial Reporting, management of the external audit and implementing accounting principles/policies/procedures. CPA or MBA required plus 5 to 8 years in either internal financial reporting or SEC reporting. This is a large corporation offering plenty of room for growth as well as great benefits.

Salary Range: $100,000 to $105,000
Email Resume to: JFarrick@kuninassociates.com

Kunin Associates Does it Again

Kunin Associates just successfully placed a candidate for the second time, something not all that rare for us. In 2003 a client referred us to an experienced public accounting professional who was looking for a new challenging position. We met with the candidate and found him to be highly skilled. We presented his background to a select few large local accounting firms and he was well received. He participated in several interviews and an offer was extended and accepted and a successful match was made.
Over the past few years there has been continual contact between the placed candidate and Kunin Associates. Holiday wishes were exchanged, update calls were placed, referrals were suggested and the relationship continued to build as well as a career progressing.
Fast forward to present day and the current economy. Our candidate calls us and shares that the firm he is working for is making cuts due to restructuring and he is being laid off. He was having no luck on his own looking for a new position and wasn't certain what to do. We re-assured him that Kunin Associates had plenty of contacts and would do whatever we could to help. We suggested that he update his resume and send us a copy as soon as possible. Once we received the new resume one of our best recruiters reached out to a few of the top firms in the area.
As respected Professional Recruiters within the Accounting industry our clients encourage us to present outstanding candidates to them even when they have no immediate openings. We knew this candidate was highly talented and had a lot to offer a potential employer and there was substantial interest. In a short amount of time interviews were scheduled and the process continued from there. Within 6 weeks of being laid off our candidate had received an attractive offer from a well respected firm. "I am truly grateful for all that Kunin Associates has done for me and I highly recommend them." Stated our candidate in a recent call.
Kunin Associates is about creating long term relationships that continue through both good and challenging economies. We are there for you. Become a member of the Kunin Community and be comforted that you have a partner for every step of your career.
For more information please visit us at www.kuninassociates.com

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Multiple Tax Positions

Our client is a West Palm beach large and growing investment firm which has just created 4 brand new tax positions. They are currently looking for 2 staff, 1 senior and 1 manager that have experience in large S-Corp. and Partnership returns. All positions will be highly visible and report to the Director of Tax. Great work/life balance with a lot of growth potential. Outstanding working environment with very professional, ex Big -4 talent.

Salary range will be commensurate with experience.
Email Resume to: JFarrick@KuninAssociates.com

Retention, Keeping your Best Employees

As the economy improves, and more jobs become available, it is natural for employees to become curious about what other career opportunities are out there for them. This can cause concern for some employers. Retention thinking is something that should already be taking place in your organization, if not, here are some tips to start the process.

1) Allow your employees the opportunity to grow. Encourage continuing education, training seminars, webinars and cross training. Most employees are not looking for 'jobs' but 'careers'. By allowing employees to learn they will achieve personal growth and contribute more to the success of the company.
2) Treat all employees equally and fairly, if that is not possible due to extraneous circumstances, then make certain to give the perception of fairness. Once employees feel they are not being treated equally as compared to other workers they will begin the process of looking elsewhere for employment.
3) Managers and supervisors are critical to retention. Most employees leave their jobs due to poor managers and not because they dislike the company. It is important to properly train all managers to make certain they treat employees with the respect and fairness they deserve.
4) Make your work environment a happy place. Strive for a good work/life balance. There will always be times when employees will be expected to put in over time but balance that with time off for personal matters including kids sporting events, special holidays, and volunteering. The time off will be greatly appreciated and the company will be rewarded with increased retention.
5) Allow your employees to share their ideas freely with out the fear of repercussions. Allow for brainstorming sessions to take place where employees are encouraged to share their thoughts. There is no guarantee that all the ideas will be used but employees will feel they have input in the direction the company is headed. Also do not automatically kill a suggestion, discuss why it may or may not work.
6) Share information with your employees as it happens. This will avoid rumors from circulating that may cause some employees to leave prematurely. By being honest about a company's financial health and its plans for the future your employees will feel respected and be more willing to stay around.
7) Provide accurate job descriptions and reviews to all employees. This ensures everyone is on the same page and career growth is discussed. An accurate job description will also provide a measure for potential raises and promotions. If employees know how they are doing it increases their sense of security and lessens their chance for leaving.
8) Require senior managers to take the time to introduce themselves to all of their employees and find out their special skills and talents. Employees will feel valued when upper management takes a personal interest in them.
9) Lack of proper training and available tools can cause an employee to become frustrated with their current position and look elsewhere for employment. It is important employees have what they need to be successful at their jobs whether it be an updated computer system, a good working environment or proper training on how to do things the 'company way.' Increase retention by giving your employees the tools they require to be successful.
10) Make proper hiring decisions right from the start. Do your due diligence to make certain the person you hire is a good fit for the position and your environment.

Kunin Associates can be a great resource in increasing employee retention. Give us a call with any questions that you might have and we would be happy to discuss employee issues or assist you in filling open positions. As professional recruiters we take the time to qualify candidates ensuring a good fit and creating long-term employees.

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