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Monday, May 23, 2011

How To Wrap Up and Interview

If starting an interview is awkward for many people, ending an interview can be even more difficult. Most interviews drag on too long (past the point where the interviewer needs more information in order to make a decision) because most interviewers don't know how to end the interview gracefully.
Some advice:

1. Set a time limit at the beginning. A half hour to 45 minutes should be sufficient for an initial screening . Have a clock visible, and let the candidate know at the start when the interview must come to an end.

2. Give clues to the candidate to suggest the interview is nearing its end. Some examples: if your using a pencil and paper put the pencil down and push the paper aside, look at your watch and refer to another appointment.

3. End on the appropriate note. What you should do at the end of the interview is mainly a matter of how good the candidate appears to you. If the candidate is someone you definitely wish to hire make sure the person knows you're actively interested. If the person is a "maybe," say that you're interested but want some time to think it over. If the person is a definite "no," be polite but noncommittal. "You have a fine record," you might say, "but I have other people to see. I'll let you know if we're interested."

As we all know time is money, if you keep your interviews moving along in a timely manner, you will remain on schedule and get more accomplished. For other issues concerning the best way to conduct an interview please contact Kunin Associates and one of our Professional Recruiters would be happy to help.

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